Dear Friends,

 We hope that you are safe and well!

Today's Meditation comes from Gerald May who contemplatively receives and passes on Love's longing.

You may be familiar with some of his other books: Addiction and Grace, Dark Night of the Soul, Care of Mind, Care of Spirit

We invite you to join us as we commit ourselves to working tirelessly to end systemic and structural racism in our society, in healthcare, in the workplace, in the Church--wherever it shows up so that everyone may come to have more abundant life. May this meditation nourish our contemplative-active hearts and sustain all of us in action.

In the spirit of our philosophy of co-creating community and our awareness that the Spirit speaks through each of us, we invite you to share your meditations with us as well. We truly believe that in God’s economy of abundance, when we share our blessings, our thoughts, our feelings, we are all made richer.

We hope and pray that you and your loved ones experience genuine peace of mind and heart, and remain in good health during this challenging time.

As Spring blossoms into Summer, may you find peace, healing, hope, and the infusion of joy in your life!

With our love and care,

Ron & Jean

MEDITATION 381: Gerald May: excerpt from The Wisdom of Wilderness

"I have a sense now of the Creator of the Universe, full of exuberance, loving all things into being, bursting with cosmic delight in fashioning endlessly diverse and infinitely creative life. It is a splendor so vast that I chuckle at myself for any attempt to understand it...

Sometimes I can actually feel this creation taking place as a kind of play: love dancing in freedom. Love is the pervading passion of all things that draws diversity into oneness, that knows and pleads for union, that aches for goodness and beauty, that suffers loss and destruction. Love is the Power that births and grieves the laughter that fills the heavens, the tears that water the earth. Love is the energy that fuels, fills, and embraces everything everywhere. And there is no end to it, ever.

Love dances in freedom, which is absolute spaciousness: the inner and outer and everywhere emptiness that provides limitless growing room for love's creating: infinite elbow room for love's play, complete opennes for love's experimenting. Freedom is a playground with no fences,ever, anywhere.

Love creates, and it keeps on creating, and everything it creates also creates. And there is nothing but creation, for even what we call destruction is creation; all breakings-apart precede new comings-together that have never before existed and never will again.

We human beings are one of more than a million species of animals that share this little planet with more than another million species of plants, living by the light of a small star we call the sun, which is one of billions of stars in this galaxy, which is one of billions of galaxies in this universe, which..God only knows. And it's all going in overflowing splendor, lavish profusion, luxuriant exuberance.

What the Power of the Slowing taught me is what the Source of the All constantly yearns for: that each one of us will know without doubt that we are loved, and that we are intimately irrevocably part of the endless creation of love, and that we will join, with full freedom and consciousness, the joyful creativity that is Nature, that is Wildness, that is Wilderness, that is Everything."