Dear Friends,

We pray you are safe and well.  In the spirit of our philosophy of co-creating community and our awareness that the Spirit speaks through each of us, we invite you to share your meditations with us as well.  We truly believe that in God’s economy of abundance, when we share our blessings, our thoughts, our feelings, we are all made richer.  We are sending you these two reflections today, passing them on from what two of you have sent to us.  Enjoy!

We hope and pray that you and your loved ones experience genuine peace of mind and heart, and remain in good health during this challenging time. 

Loving blessings,

Jean & Ron

A Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus

Dear one –

(Yes, you, the one holding this paper;

the one in the scrubs or the white coat,

the one with the long list of tasks

and the endless needs of patients,

the one being rushed back to the phones

or to the cleaning cart

or the meal trays –



You are brave.

You came to work today,

even though you have children at home

or aging parents

or an at-risk partner

or friends you’re worried about.

You came to work today,

even though you don’t know

what you will encounter,

or if you’ll be safe,

or who will be here with you.

You came to work today.

You are brave.

It may not feel like it:

pounding heart, sweaty palms,

racing thoughts,

a feeling of dread.

I know.

But hear this:

You are brave.

Courage doesn’t mean not feeling fear.

It means feeling the fear,

and taking a breath,

and doing the next right thing anyway.

So, dear one:


Remember why you answered a call to this vocation:

to bring healing,

to bring comfort,

to nurture,

to sustain.

Now exhale.

Let the fear exist,

but make it drop the reins of your heart.


You are brave.

And we are so grateful you are here.


Written by the Rev. Heather M. Hinton

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Burlington, MA

March 18, 2020