Dear Friends,

We hope that each of you experienced a blessed and grace-filled Christmas, and that as we approach the coming of a new year, your spirit is ready for its unfolding. That’s a tall order for many of us, I suspect. In my work as a grief counselor I long ago learned that New Year’s Eve can be an especially difficult time for persons who are grieving, as well as for many who find the transition from ‘last year’ to a ‘new year’ emotionally challenging. Often this is because of all that the year we are saying farewell to held….the joys and sorrows are ‘familiar’ and we’ve learned to ‘hold’ them.

What this new year will bring remains mystery, and its uncertainty can be unsettling. Undoubtedly, each of us has a dream for 2012. Some dreams may be very personal, perhaps for health and healing, other dreams may be more universal or global, for peace in the world, for an end to violence in our streets and across the globe. Many of these dreams are in our thoughts as we plan for Saturday’s “Alternative New Year’s Eve” Celebration, and as we reflected on the song “Dreams are More precious” on Enya’s “And Winter Came” CD….it led us to ponder the tremendous blessing we have in the gift of imagination and the capacity to dream! We hope it’s tender message will be a blessing to you as the new year unfolds.

Dreams Are More Precious

Come! See! High above * Come! See! High in the heavens
a new star shining bright * Come! Hear bells that are ringing
and from some distant shore * sounds of a journey echo on

This is the night * they say * everyone wants a dream
This is the night * they say * nothing is as it seems

Come! Sleep! Close your eyes * Come! Sleep! Give me your sorrow
and I’ll keep watch for you * until the dawn is breaking through * until the morning wakens you
Come! Dream through the night * Come! Dream, and then tomorrow
you’ll see your heart will know * dreams are more precious than gold
Dreams are more precious than gold * dreams are more precious than gold

We wish you peace and dreams fulfilled in the year ahead. We welcome you to come and join us for our “Alternative New Year’s Eve” where we will all do a bit of dreaming together.

Blessings in this time of new beginnings,

Jean & Ron