6 September 2019

We, the undersigned Bishops of the International Circle of Roman Catholic Women Bishops express our anguish, sadness and incredulity at the current treatment of children at international borders of the United States. We speak out against any failure to provide adequate water, food, clothing, bedding and shelter to migrant children, against the separation of children from their parent/s, against the housing of children behind bars in facilities that are often former prisons, and against any failure to provide adequate care and supervision for these children. We see the treatment of children at international borders as a humanitarian crisis.

As women of Christian faith, we take seriously Jesus' commandment to treat all people as we wish to be treated. We call upon Christians worldwide to consider this humanitarian issue, regardless of their position on international migration, and to take action consistent with their conscience on behalf of children being held at all international borders throughout the globe.

In Christ,
+ Marie Evans Bouclin, Bishop Emerita, Canada
+ Merlene Olivia Doko, Bishop Emerita, U.S. (California)
+Patricia Fresen, Bishop, South Africa
+ Joan Houk, Bishop Emerita, U.S. (Indiana)
+ Andrea Johnson, Bishop Emerita, U.S. (Maryland)
+ Jane Kryzanowski, Bishop, Canada
+ Jean Marie Marchant, Bishop, U.S. (Massachusetts)
+ Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Bishop, Austria
+ Nancy Meyer, Bishop, U.S. (Indiana)
+ Ida Raming, Bishop, Germany
+ Sibyl Dana Reynolds, Bishop Emerita, U.S. (California)
+ Suzanne Thiel, Bishop, U.S. (Oregon)
+ Jane Via, Bishop, U.S. (California)