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Dear friends,

As we celebrate Easter, poet James Broughton invites us to “Honeymoon with Big Joy!”

Easter Exultet
Shake out your qualms.

Dear friends,

Did you ever think of yourself as on a Mission of Mercy?  

This past Tuesday December 8,  Pope Francis opened the Jubilee Year with the call to put mercy before judgment. 

Dear friends,

In the next few days, the church will celebrate the feasts of All Saints and All Souls....a time to treasure the lives and spirits of those who’ve walked with us in this world.  Some continue to accompany us on this earth, and others linger in our awareness long after their passing from life as we know it here on earth.  Meanwhile, on the Eve of All Saints,

Halloween, many little ones (and some not so little ones) will dress in costume and parade the streets, offering to accept a treat in lieu of a trick.

Dear Friends,

Today’s readings celebrate two special women.  In the first reading, the hungry Elijah begs a woman for a cup of water and some bread.  She and her son are starving and have just enough bread for a final meal before they anticipate dying from starvation. 

Dear friends,

In this Sunday’s Gospel, the evangelist Mark discloses a conversation between Jesus and his apostles who are jockeying to ensure a place of ‘greatness’ for themselves.   Jesus responds to this human tendency to satisfy one’s hungry ego with the declaration:  “whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all.”    YIKES!   Imagine the internal dialogue within the minds and hearts of